The Yeti Holidays Difference

If you’re satisfied with booking your trip online and hoping for the best, you don’t need us. But if you’re after extraordinary experiences in edge-of-the-map locales, Yeti Holidays — consistently ranked among the Nepal’s top travel companies — is the right company for you. Unusual travel experiences are not simple to plan, let alone find. And that is what makes Yeti Holidays distinct. We know our destinations thoroughly, collaborate with exceptional in-country colleagues, and have more than 12 years’ experience orchestrating eye-opening journeys.
“We thought we had been to many of the most interesting places on earth. Then we met up with Yeti Holidays and are becoming increasingly addicted.”
Gregg B.

Why We Are Different

With us, you will not just travel from point A to point B, but you will immerse into the local culture, lifestyle and the nature. We do not sell our trips to you but we help you plan your trip. You can go on our small group tours or take a private independent travel! You are never rushed on the tours. You will travel on your pace and in your style. And our prices do not break your banks and satisfaction is guaranteed!

Innovative Itineraries

From the moment you connect with one of our travel specialists, be it over the phone, in person or by email, you are in good hands and exciting things await you. We pride ourselves in creating experiences that will never be forgotten. Our skilled travel professionals know exactly what extra elements can be added to your itinerary to give it that personalised touch while making the whole planning experience simple and easy for you.

Years of Experience

After years in the business of creating memorable experiences for our clients, we have learnt a thing or two. At Yeti Holidays we pride ourselves in catering to our clients every need and sharing our vast knowledge of our local markets to ensure that the journey you embark on is a special and pleasurable experience - whether it is hiking through the Himalayas or exploring the jungle. We know how amazing the travel can be and we are also aware of the challenges in modern tourism, so we make sure that everything is taken care of, so you can enjoy the adventure.

Travel with Integrity

At Yeti Holidays we have a strong corporate social responsibility policy because we are acutely aware of the impact of tourism – good and bad – on local regions. Our commitment to protect local wildlife and the environment as well as bringing positive changes to local people and their communities is accented through our collaboration with Yeti Foundation Nepal whom we donate a portion of our sales to.

Personal Touch

From the first moment of contact with someone from the Yeti Holidays team, you can be assured that your every need is taken into consideration. We will discuss all the options with you and find out what it is that you really want, to create the trip of a lifetime. Our professional team will put together an itinerary and estimate. From then on, we are here to serve you – at any point throughout your trip we have 24-hour customer service available for you in case of any unexpected eventualities.

Value for Money

We are incredibly well connected with hospitality and transport partners across the country. Due to our long term relationships within the tourism industry, we are able to secure exclusive contracts which means we are able to incorporate very competitive rates into our packages.

Attention to Detail

By thoroughly assessing your requirements, we are able to determine precisely what factors would make your custom-made trip perfect for you! Our travel specialists have a vast knowledge of our destinations and products, and will incorporate those extra elements to make a special difference for your trip.

Quality Service

At Yeti Holidays, our travel experts have years of experience and understand the value of good service and professionalism. We work with the best in the industry to bring you quality at every turn – from our exceptional on-call customer service, or the drivers and trekking guides assigned to you or the accommodation or transport. We ensure every aspect of your journey is of the highest standard and we have consistently delivered reliable service to our many customers for over a decade.
In addition to fulfil our client’s dreams for a memorable adventure, we take your safety as our utmost priority. All of our guides and teams are trained in first aid and safety regulations. We ensure all of our travel partners work to the highest safety standards and have our customer service available day and night in case of any occurrence. We have access to immediate emergency services from our helicopter fleet partners as well as first class medical assistance at our fingertips.

Let our experts guide you to your perfect trip.

We’re here to get you on your way! For personalized assistance developing a customized itinerary, or for general questions, we’re a phone call or email away.

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