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IATA (International Air Transport Association)
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NATTA (Nepal Association of Tours & Travel Agents)

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Yeti Airlines Head Office
Tilganga 44600
Kathmandu, Nepal

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P.O. Box 6055

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+977-1-4461252, 4461892, 4462800


Research is a matter of style

The best added value we can offer to those who choose to buy a tour package lies in the experience acquired over so many years of activity and especially in our love for travel, which enables us, day after day, to offer something more to our customers.

Our Strength is your trust

Absolute respect for the host countries and unwavering dedication have enabled us to grow professionally together with our partners, so that often times we are perceived by the latter as the best choice on account of the utmost degree of reliability that we can ensure. It is the same dependability that is appreciated day after day by the people who travel with us and can count on the constant and discreet assistance, always mindful of the needs of our guests and at the same time qualified supervisors of the quality of the services offered.

Attention to Details

Full attention to every detail begins before departure, from the time a customer inquires about a trip and we prepare an estimate to the time travel documents are handed over, and, from then on, continue throughout the tour as we assist our customers in every step. Yeti Holidays has studied every possible way to make everything simpler, safer and more pleasant.


Efficiency, Flexibility and Quality Service with a Personal Touch, combined with strong purchasing advantages and Value for Money. We’re committed to offer competitive value for money products and high level services in order to achieve total client satisfaction. We want to meet clients’ goals and objectives strive for excellence in quality, integrity, and value in all that we do. We want our partners and ourselves to grow profitably in our respective countries, through thorough market analysis, continuous product development, aggressive yield management and prudent financial risk monitoring.


Yeti holidays understands the challenges of the modern tourism industry and knows that planning, developing and adapting destination resources to the evolving needs of the market is the key to success. We take all trends in tourism business into consideration, invest in new infrastructure and offer both leisure and business travel solutions. In this way we can keep up with all new market demands and secure the future of our company as well. Offering Value for money is our main concept: due to our long term extended co-operation with major tours & travel operators we have obtained a strong purchasing power within the tourism market. Our Bed Bank counts thousands of contracted rooms all over the destinations of our network on exclusive commitment contracts, enabling us to manage the rooms in the most effective way, securing most competitive rates and availability as well as showing full flexibility towards our clients.

Characteristics of the service

  • Contactable 24 hours a day
  • Competitive fares
  • Confirming and follow up reservations
  • Operating special tours upon request
  • High speed and availability in issuing and delivering e-tickets by using most modern technology in the world
  • Through our international partners, you have access to 500 travel and tourism offices that will provide the very best services and prices
  • Customer service for our corporate clients, banks and individuals 24 hours a day
  • Our employees act as advisors to arrange your trip with the best fares and easiest way
  • In emergency cases your trip can be arranged in the shortest possible time with the least amount of hassle

Other Value adding products

  • Expediting services at the TIA upon request for special cases.
  • Assistance for Immigration upon request for all VIPS and VVIPS.
  • Visa Information, health, immigration clearance and other government restrictions based on latest updates.
  • Constant updates to the travelers about the security issues before, during and after a trip and we are well equipped to locate and assist them in an emergency.


Established in 2007, Yeti Holidays is one of Nepal’s leading travel agencies and package tour providers.

At Yeti Holidays, it is our policy to provide a first-rate personalized service to all of our clients from the initial enquiry stages, to the completion of the tour. At Yeti Holidays we pride ourselves on providing a service with a personal touch that tailors each and every vacation to your own specific tastes, needs and budget. Our intimate, first-hand knowledge of Nepal and the operators with whom you will share your experience, enables us to offer you the very best. Our philosophy of working with you at every stage of the planning process allows us to fine tune your requirements whether it be your accommodation or anticipated activities.

At Yeti Holidays we have close working relationships with a huge variety of hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, lodges and resorts – it is therefore our utmost goal to ensure we match the appropriate accommodation to your specific requirements. Similarly, we deal with a large selection of transport providers which includes rental cars, coaches, ferries, International & domestic flights and the train services, as well creating customized torus in Asia, Europe, America and Australia. We can offer a huge variety of holidaying and travelling options which range from restful to recreational, from hiking in remote parts of Nepal to family friendly adventure tours.

Our excellent customer service, our large range of travel options and our excellent attention to detail means you will have an experience of your life-time. Customers and stakeholders can rely on, now and in the future.

With its unmatched chain of Domestic Airlines, Helicopter services, Prize Winning & Exclusive Hotels, Mountain Lodges and Adventure Expertise, we provide an all-round assistance and services ranging from Inbound & Outbound Tours & Travels. From the most popular holiday brands to an unparalleled collection of specialist travel providers, we offer the breadth and depth of experiences and expertise for every conceivable type of traveler.

Other Areas Of Operation

Yeti Adventures: Set off on ‘a Himalayan Adventure’ into the mountains of Nepal-pristine, pure and breath-taking beautiful or spend nights in the wild life sanctuaries or Tibet to see them old monasteries untouched by time or while in Bhutan why not learn a bit of Archery or walk into the mountains with pack-mules.

Yeti Escapes: Get off the beaten track as you explore the Himalayan foothills with our experienced guides. Watch Mustang come alive for you. Escape, Explore, Experience!

Yeti Resorts: No more sleeping rough! We offer truly comfortable lodges. After delicious dinners, the Yeti offers comfy beds and that great well kept secret-hot water bottles! You will love the Resorts situated around the Trans-Himalayan Region.

Yeti Safari: From riding Yaks far away in northern Nepal to spotting the wildlife on elephants back or on walks in the Low-Lands. You will come across various Tribes- Colorful, strong and proud as they ride their horses or maybe you can embark on an expedition to find the mythical Yeti.

Yeti Golf & Spas: Experience the Himalayan Healing and the best golf course in the world. Spas and exotic massages will rejuvenate you. Something we call Himalayan Healing.

Yeti Celebrations: No two meals are the same when you are celebrating with the Yeti. From hippy dinner in one night to ethnic meal the next night, the experience is all yours.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We at Yeti Holidays not only concentrate on just business but as mentioned in our objective, we eagerly carry out and help numerous projects under what we called our corporate responsibility. Some of our achievements are:

  • 10, 00,000 Tree plantation in far west
  • Save the children-KIRDARC Project
  • UMN
  • Care Nepal
  • Habitat for humanity
  • Tewa
  • Maiti Nepal
  • Leprosy Sewa kendra

We also successfully contribute USD $1 per day from the sales we make towards our corporate responsibility program to Yeti foundation. Yeti foundation Nepal ( YFN) is a non-profit social welfare organization established 2011 ( 2068 B.S)with the objectives to provide safe shelter, quality education , best health and self employment opportunity to differently able ,orphan ,underprivileged children and senior citizens( rejected from family) and provide friendly environment for the harmonious development ( physical ,mental ,social ,recreational ,ethical and spiritual ) of individuals to live a respectful life.


We provide the full support to charter operators, Tour Operators specialists on the following domains:

Ticketing and Reservation: Our dedicated staff is awaiting your call round the clock, 24 hours a day 365 days a year, or if you prefer you can even  e-book the ticket and  is all supported with the most modern reservation systems for air tickets as well as accommodation implemented  by international carriers.

Three alternatives: We will provide at least 3 or best options in regard to International travel & accommodation based on most appropriate travel option.

Ticket delivery: Yeti holidays provide the service of ticket delivery 24/7 and 365 days a year free of charge anywhere the traveler wishes within the valley, to their Offices to residence or Tribhuvan International Airport. 

Forex Services : Yeti Holidays provides the foreign exchange services in compliance with Nepal Rastra Bank.

Visa Services: Yeti Holidays along provides visa services to their respective clients. Our dedicated clerk will obtain all necessary travel documents, including visas and national passports required for travelers, unless a personal appearance is required to obtain such documents.

 Vehicle Rental: Our organization owns its own comfortable and luxurious range of automobiles from private deluxe cars for individual travelers or large coach for big group facilitating convenience and comfort during travel and tour programs. Apart from that, we also specialize in renting out suitable vehicle for you in any part of the world all at established and proven competitive rates.

Airport Pick up/Transfers: The Airport pick-up/ transfers are free of charge within the valley and such service can also be arranged while traveling internationally on request from our clients. 

Conference, Work-shop, Seminars: On occasion of conference, work-shops and seminars, Yeti Holidays can set up a travel help desk on request from the client. 

Hotel Reservations: We make hotel accommodation and travel guides arrangements according to our customer’s needs anywhere in the world.

Other Value adding products

  • Expediting services at the TIA upon request for special cases.
  • Assistance for Immigration upon request for all VIPS and VVIPS.
  • Visa Information, health, immigration clearance and other government restrictions based on latest updates.
  • Constant updates to the travelers about the security issues before, during and after a trip and we are well equipped to locate and assist them in an emergency.